Neighbourhood Planning

Details of the next Neighbourhood Planning Meeting are below.


The next open workshop for Draycott Residents Steering Group is Wednesday 5th February 2020 at The Draycott Arms from 6.30- 8.30.  Refreshments available.  It is a drop in, so come anytime within that time frame. Come and tell us your thoughts and ideas about how we can improve our Community by everyone having their say in planning for the future.  To fill in the Questionnaire online click link below:

Neighbourhood Plan Questionnaire

9th September 2019 Design Code Workshop Aecom Notes

12th August 2019 Neighbourhood Plan Residents Group Notes

9th September 2019 Aecom Draycott Engagement Session

9th May 2019 Aecom Draycott Meeting notes

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During 2019, Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council is investigating the appetite of the residents for a ‘Neighbourhood Plan’.  If there is enough interest, the intention is to set up a working-party composed of both residents and councillors to drive the project forward.
Anyone wishing to help in this process, please contact the Parish Clerk.

Neighbourhood Planning

Want to have a say over where new homes, shops and offices are built or what new buildings should look like?

Maybe you want to protect and enhance your local high street, choose where new industries should be located, or protect your local green spaces for generations to enjoy in years to come?

Neighbourhood Planning could be the right tool.

The Department for Communities and Local Government has made funding available to provide support and grants via the Locality website.

  • All groups writing a neighbourhood plan or neighbourhood development order will be eligible to apply for up to £9,000 in grant.
  • Groups facing more complex issues can apply for specific packages of technical support where needed, and may also be eligible for further £6,000 in grant.

For all the information on funding and the neighbourhood planning process and support, head to the Locality website.


We’ve produced a guide to help groups navigate the world of neighbourhood planning. The Neighbourhood Planning Roadmap Guide is available to download for free.

The Quick Guide to Neighbourhood Plans gives a concise summary of the process for producing a Neighbourhood Plan under the Localism Act, together with suggestions for good practice.


What do YOU really want for this district?  If you would like to make a comment then please complete this contact form with your comments:-