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      Any person wishing to refer an issue to the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk, Denise Wheat, her mobile number is 07812 056085 and her landline is 01538 723985.

Her e-mail address is draycottparishcouncil@gmail.com
watch this space


It has been decided to hold the regular Parish Council Meetings on the second Monday of each month in future.

 Residents are always welcome at the Parish Council meetings held,  on the 2nd. Monday of each month in the Church Hall at the top of Church Lane.

Clerk generally responds to emails within 7 days except 10 days before meeting when mails will be checked on days 10, 9 and 8 to make sure agenda is as up to date as possible.  Agenda is normally published on Tuesday before meeting.

Get on the agenda

There is a public participation segment where you may ask any questions.
However if you want something discussed at the same parish council meeting then please email Clerk  10 days before the meeting, which is usually the 2nd Monday of the month with your request/question and it can then be included on the agenda under ‘correspondence’.

This is an opportunity to speed bureaucracy up!——————————————————————————————————————————–

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