Notice of change of meeting date: Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council

Next meeting – Monday 20th September 2021 – 7.30pm at Draycott Church Hall, ST11 9AG

Date to receive applications for Co-option has been extended to Monday 13th September 2021

Draycott in the Moors Parish Council covers a semi-rural civil-parish area located on the line of the Roman Road through Staffordshire. It covers an area of 1,587 hectares and includes the semi-rural settlements of Cresswell and Totmonslow, and hamlets of Newton, Draycott Cross and Brookside.
See Draycott Council boundaries

If you live in Draycott-in-the-Moors, Totsmonlow, Draycott Cross, Newton or Cresswell, you will most likely come inside Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council’s boundaries.

Draycott in the Moors Parish Council is part of the local government, being the most local of all government authorities. It is funded by a portion of the council tax called the Precept.
Elections to become a Parish Councillor are held every four years. Draycott-in-the-Moors has around 850 registered electors on the electoral roll.

DRAYCOTT  itself is a small linear village dominated by the thirteenth century church of St. Margaret’s which stands on a knoll overlooking the A50; (with a fine early English bell tower and a medieval family chapel dedicated to tombs of the Draycott family).

CRESSWELL is a rural settlement which is home to the Catholic church of St. Mary’s in Cresswell Old Lane.  Cresswell also has an industrial area adjacent to the Railway line, with many small businesses – Blythe Park Business Park.

TOTMONSLOW was the centre, an ancient ‘Hundred’ in the county of Staffordshire in Anglo-Saxon times.

NEWTON is named in the Domesday Book.

12 thoughts on “Notice of change of meeting date: Draycott-in-the-Moors Parish Council

  1. Hi
    Could someone please come out to clean the pavement by 215 Uttoxeter Road, Draycott, ST11 9AE by where the road floods. The pavement is now impassable without slipping due to the build up of leaves and mud.

    • Dear Michelle
      Thanks for your message. I have reported the mud and leaves to SMDC for a road sweeper to come and clean the footway. They have said this should be done in the next 14 days. I will monitor if they have been and make sure they do clean it. If you notice any other issues the local Parish Council are now having regular Highways Liason meetings with a Highways Officer to solve some of the other problems in the area. The flooding has been reported by Fords farm to Staffordshire County Council Highways, as it is this causing the mud on the footway, but we have been on a waiting list for a long time to get the drains cleared. Thank you for reporting the problem.
      Kind regards
      Denise Wheat – Parish Clerk

  2. Does anyone have any information on the construction that is going on adjacent to the Isaak Walton Farm on the lane at the side of the pub? They are currently (today April 2nd) ripping out trees and a construction site has appeared from nowhere since the Isolation rules. I was walking my dog. We are all isolated and construction work was meant to have been stopped completely (essential builds only due to covid) So why are they still working here? When everyone else is losing their jobs due to total restriction. I caught two guys with a digger ripping up the area? One said it is going to be an industrial site? This is not classed as essential builds? And I have not seen any planning permission for this? Ripping out many healthy trees? Is this part of the planning submitted by M J Barrett? or something different.

    • Thank you for your message Violet. I will drive up tomorrow and take some photographs and send them to SMDC to find out more. Can I just clarify is it the site of the old pub or is it on the Railway sidings? Thank you
      Kind Regards
      Denise – Parish Clerk

  3. We’ve received a letter from Staffs.C.C., regarding the proposed changes to the speed limit on Uttoxeter Road. The proposed limit should be extended, eastwards, to at least to include all the residential area, including the Draycott Arms, public house and thereby making the junction with Cheadle Road, safer.

  4. Hello Denise, I hope you can help: regarding the proposed speed limit reduction, could you propose to the council that this should come into force from underneath the bypass bridge. We live opposite Draycott sports centre and have been exceedingly fortunate over the years not to be blindsided by someone coming down the hill and past the blind corner of our drive entrance at well over 40mph. I have noted the email address you gave to Mr Williams and will send my request to him as well. Thank you and best wishes, Beverly Adab

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